Educators from across America continue to rank Hooked on Science programs as the best. Unlike
other presenters, STEM certified educator, Jason Lindsey aka "Mr. Science," is a STEM
professional and brings real-world science connections to schools. When he is not doing hands-on
science programs, you’ll discover him doing the weather on television stations as a meteorologist.

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Jason Lindsey fascinates even the
most reluctant learner with his high-
octane science fun! He takes
students’ interest to a whole new
level by introducing high level
concepts. Jason’s Hooked on
Science program is an exciting
hands-on extravaganza for students
of all ages!"  
Alecia Ladd
"Jason did an absolutely fantastic
job with his presentation. He held
the students' and parents' attention
throughout the entire program. He
had a wonderful rapport with the
audience from the beginning. His
behavior management was
wonderful!! His program was fast
paced, so as not to lose people's
attention. I watched the faces of the
audience and parents and students
alike were so involved in everything
he was doing."
Mary Catherine Bir
  • Public Education Award
  • Best Children's