Are you searching for a hands-on science demonstration for an upcoming segment you’re
producing? If so, Jason Lindsey
, aka “Mr. Science,” designs hands-on science
demonstrations, which will help your viewers better understand the science content in your
segment. He's appeared on the NBC Today Show and television stations across America.

Over the past 10 year, Lindsey has visited hundreds of schools, exposing thousands of kids to
hands-on science. That’s more than any other television science expert in America. This does
not take into account the hundreds of LIVE science experiments he’s performed on television
stations across the United States. His family-friendly, teacher approved, science experiments
encourage your viewers to take something away from the show and do at home with the
entire family.

If you are searching for a science educator with television experience, to help provide hands-
on science content for your next segment, click
HERE to send Jason and email or call him
directly at 573-270-7539.

“Jason is always a source for memorable moments. I’ve worked with him closely for several
years. His experiments are engaging and come with plenty of surprises. He’s very easy to
communicate with and always keeps me in the loop. He’s a great addition to any program.”
Nick Miller
Executive Producer, AM News

“Jason will bring all sorts of fun to your studio! He is energetic, entertaining, educational, and
fun! We are always excited when he comes on our show, because we always know
something cool will be coming with him. The last time he was here he made a gigantic cloud
in our studio and had way too much fun with our hosts! He’ll be a great addition to your
Sarah Aaskov
Executive Producer, Today in Nashville

“Jason Lindsey is terrific! When booking his segments, he is quick to respond and detail-
oriented. I love that he provides clips of his various experiments for the producers to choose
from. When he arrives at the station, he is low-maintenance and ready with everything he
needs for a highly visual, action-packed Hooked on Science segment. It’s fun to watch him
fascinate the anchors.”
Cheryl O’Brien
AM Planning/Segment Manager

“Jason Lindsey is always a pleasure to work with. If I can’t fit him in when he’s in town, he’s
always happy to tape and leave a segment for me to play at a later date. His segments are
always very fun and kid-friendly. They’re also upbeat and perfect for morning shows. I love
having him on!”
Hannah Scheller

"Jason Lindsey has provided our AM Kentucky and Midday LIVE audiences with engaging
and creative content. His visual and entertaining segments show kids and families watching
that science can be fun! We've received a lot of positive feedback from having Jason as a
regular guest on our station. Aside from his interactive interviews, Jason is a producer's
dream, he has great segment pitches, shows up on time, and prepared and always does a
great job."
Laura Rogers

"Jason Lindsey is amazing! He never fails to amaze us with his science experiments that are
simple, fun and educational. He knows how to make learning fun for both children AND their
Tuwanda Coleman
Producer, Talk of the Town
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