Jason Lindsey is an award-winning science educator, and
author.  Jason studied science and journalism at Western
Kentucky University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science
degree in Meteorology.  At WKU, Jason focused
on general science, meteorology, and climatology.  Jason
has worked diligently for more than 15 years to take
science beyond the classroom window.  Each year he
performs hands-on science experiments at hundreds
of schools and community events throughout the United
States.  His hands-on, kid-friendly, science classes and
camps are offered throughout the year and have helped
hook thousands of kids on science.  Jason appears on
television stations across America, doing amazing science
experiments, which helps viewers better understand the world
of science

Jason previously worked as a chief meteorologist,
Jason has earned many awards for his science efforts.  

  • Public Education Award - "Hooked on Science"
  • Homeschooling Parent Seal of Approval - "Hooked on Science"
    and "Beyond the Science Lab"
  • Best Education Mobile Website - "www.hookedonscience.org"
  • Best Children's Programming - "Hooked on Science"
  • Best Online Content - "www.hookedonscience.org"
  • Best Television Feature - "Hooked on Science"
  • Best Newspaper Feature - "Hooked on Science"
  • Best General Coverage - "Science Day 2006"
  • Best Community Service Activity - "Science Day 2006"